Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 350

You know the old adage about how a clean desk is the sign of an empty mind?

Judging by my craft table it's pretty obvious that all the monkeys in my brain are busy churning out a copy of War & Peace on their typewriters. (Monkeys are notorious traditionalists and when offered a computer just pound the keyboard and throw feces at it)
In the right middle is the stash of my latest jewelry endeavours (of which I have a few more pendants to show off at the end of this post and some more Etsy news that is important for anyone who shops there. Also one common cola kills you, but before that weather and the news. So stick around).

Colored pencils and Zombie layer take up most of the back left while one of my latest paintings that should be up for sale soon enough sits in the prime "being worked on" landscape.

Only my mind is so cracked open with candy spilling out that I've gone from the table and had some of my work crash land on the chair too.
It got so bad I actually had to stand to put some last touches on the birch log in front of the tree painting because my chair was otherwise occupied. Paintings are so demanding, you have to pull out chairs for them or open doors for them or even wrap them in bubble wrap before they dare to venture outside. Shesh.

While having a full desk is nice and all, there's a major downside to not having every last little thing cleared off while working.

Mainly in that it just seems inevitable that while the large 16X20 is sprawled out across and you're occupied adding a delicate line you'll bump the card table and your water cup will come crashing down drenching everything. And it was so much that kind of a day I had it happen twice!

Luckily the painting was fine, just a little damp on the back. But Zombie lawyer was soaked so I had to put him out of his misery. I promise he went in the trash with his catchphrase singing through the air "Objection, he's eating the witness!"

Now for my new pendants, the first is a white tree on a simple wooden background. Kinda like my first tree except completely different, since I don't follow a pattern ever every single one of my trees is always different.
This bad boy is available for purchase here for $6.

My second pendant is something that came about as a way to beat back those winter blues, and a gentle reminder that summer will be back unless we all fall into another ice age, in which case the Mammoth is mine!
And this lovely slice of warmth is also up for sale for $6 here.

Finally for anyone who's trying to shop at Etsy for the holidays, a word of warning. There are some horrible bugs over there that the Admin may or may not be in the mood to fix.

The worse offender is Cart timeouts, so when someone goes to check out they get halfway done and then a blank screen appears and they lose everything in the cart.

And to add on top of that, convos are also down. So if you say weren't able to check out and tried to contact the seller and inform them of this there's a good chance they won't get it.

All right before the Holidays too. Since Etsy doesn't feel the need to warn any buyers about this on the front page I thought I'd take the chance and ask you all to pass it along to other Etsy buyers til it's fixed. Thanks.

Now my Monkeys seem to think to heck with War & Peace, they'd rather write an emo vampire book about werewolves that bathe in lip gloss. They're going to need a bit of a talking too.

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Chesney said...

Great new pendants! :)

BTW, I can't find anything on my desk unless it looks like your craft table! LOL