Sunday, November 15, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 348

Ever have one of those pictures that are so strange you just want to put it up without any commentary?

Like a clown making pancakes or a penguin driving a tractor.

This is one of those pictures.
I realized that the pose almost looks like something out of a magazine, but it was mostly accidental.

To help with my larger painting I needed my husband to model a suit for me so I could see the folds in action.

Only when I was getting into position to try and snap the picture our little girl kept thinking that she should really be in the shot. She is after all the most adorable one of the family.

What commenced was us trying to convince her to stand just out of the way so I could get a picture and then because it was so cute try to take one of her with my husband.

And that's why I have a picture of my husband in a suit bending over with his arm out while our little lab puppy stares at him with wonder.

But the picture of a juggling grizzly bear I just can't explain.


Chesney said...

With your hubby being all dressed up like that, poor Essie probably thought he just got home from a steak restaurant and was sure he had something to share! What's a poor girl like Essie to think? LOL

Rachel said...

Cute picture! She looks like the perfect little minding angel.