Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 358

This is Essie May reporting from a local, hang on let me check my sources. Yes, the wildlife are informing me that it is a watering hole of some type for humans.

Apparently they park their large and loud rubber wheel machines for a spell to let us beloved pets out for a walk in the woods and a nice drink.
Mmm, straight from the tap just how I like it.

They say that this is an important stop before we arrive at our destination whatever that may be.

It appears as though my humans are about ready to depart, I should wrap up my report just in time for. . . Hey wait, I'm not finished! Put me Down!
I still have to file my report on the crazy things you people do!

How embarrassing.

Well, this is Essie May saying that it's that time of year when once again all of us pets are shuttled into small cages and put inside big loud machines to visit scary new places and maybe steal some turkey when no one's looking.

Safe Travels everyone!


Rachel said...

LOL!! We've stopped at many a "human watering hole" to let Rascal out to walk! In fact, that's how we picked up JJ!

Safe travels - and I hope you have a nice weekend in spite of everything!

Linda said...

Bonne Journee!

Chesney said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and travel safe! :)