Sunday, November 8, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 341

I'd like to return a dog I recently purchased.

Yes this is the one:Now I know she looks like a dog but there's something just not right about her.

In fact I'd even dare to go so far as to say you took a cat, dressed it up a dog and sold that to me.

Proof? Why I have the proof right here:What normal dog chases after a pointer's beam of light?

What's next? She'll start curling up on the dryer and chasing after balls of yarn?

I demand a full refund and also my parrot seems to be dead.


Chesney said...

Too funny - this should be sent to World's funniest Videos!

Linda said...

My friend's dog does the same thing. They actually had to lose the red pointer light since their dog never wanted to stop playing with it. She's a little OCD. It's pretty funn to watch her play.

Rachel said...

I know lots of dogs that do that. Our dogs don't, but that never stops Chris from trying to get them to chase th flashlight spot whenever he needs to drag it out for something. Like one day Rascal, who's now 15, is going to be like "Hey! I know this is just a beam of light, but I am suddenly in the mood to chase it!!"

I think it's cute. Kind of like when Charlie lifts his head and looks around whenever he hears a dog barking on TV. Or a squeaky toy on TV (like those commercials).