Sunday, November 1, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 334

I took a ton of pictures last night, even got some video and have a few adorable stories to tell.

But that'll take lots of time to process and we've got ghosts and goblins to herd back into boxes for another year. So for now, may I present a little story in pictures.

Miss Essie had lots of toys that were her favorite. She loved them all dearly and would leave them lying across the carpet as she played but her owners were getting a little tired of always picking them all up to vacuum.So one day her owners decided that Miss Essie needed her own special Toy Box.

While out at a local craft store they came upon something that just might work. Only it looked so bland and dull. It could never work to hold the puppy's toys.What the boring pine box needed was a nice stain. And while that was drying the owners took Miss Essie on a lovely fall walk:Where they got to meet lots of fun people enjoying the beautiful Halloween Saturday afternoon and maybe play on a swing set or two.
And when they got back from the walk the box was dry and ready to hold all of Miss Essies toys . . .
At least til Christmas.

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Chesney said...

She is moving up in the world, now she even gets her own box! I am sure she is in doggy heaven! :)