Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 337

I could write a book on all the strange, confusing and down right entertaining habits my puppy gets up to (in fact someone already did).

One of the latest is her intense love of ice cubes. Okay so the ice cube thing isn't such a shocker. If anyone who has never had a puppy before is thinking about getting one before you bring them home make sure you have a nice bed for them, put everything small and chewy up and invest in an automatic ice maker.

Trust me. You'll promote that thing to best appliance around 4 months or so when the major teething kicks in.
Her father is a major iceaholic, demanding a bowlful of ice cubes every night and he's 10 years old.

This will become a very common sight over the years.
But can she just sit happily on the kitchen rug or the living room munching on the frozen blocks of water? Oh no. She has a system worked out where your lap makes the perfect table to hold her melting cold cube so she can eat it.
Which of course leaves behind a nice cold wet spot all over your pants. And this happens pretty much all night.
But it isn't just ice cubes that our laps are perfect for holding. Oh no. You can't beat a person's lap as a toy holder.
It also makes a really cool place to play hide and seek. They never find you under the knee.
And when in doubt, just curl up on your owners lap and spin around furiously trying to bite your own tail.
I fear a future when a 60 pound lab decides that the best place in the world is curled up as tightly as she can get on top of our laps munching on a couple ice cubes smuggled in her cheeks.
But for now it makes some adorable pictures (she's got my husband wrapped around her little paw anyway. For never having a pet in his life he's fallen pretty hard for little Essie.)

Does anyone else have an ice addicted doggie? Some days I swear the bigger the dog the more they wish they try to get on your lap and share in doggie kisses.


PaintedHorse said...

I just have to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog... that's all. I especially love Essie!

Rachel said...

Rascal (our German Shephard/Black Lab mix), Charlie (Lhasa-Poo), and JJ (chihuahua) love ice. Charlie especially! You'd think we had meat-flavored ice or something!
Riley occasionally likes ice, but usually he'll crunch on it a little and either Charlie or Rascal will finish off what he doesn't!

Murphy - no ice. He will just lick it a few times and then walk away.

But none of them try to eat it off our laps... they will stay on the floor.

Krista said...

My parents' dog loves ice.

She's an american eskimo mix, with a very thick double-fur coat. In the summer, she can overheat easily. Because she has a double-coat we can't shave her fur. Plus, she has very sensitive skin under her fur, so she'd get a sunburn if she was shaved. So she especially loves ice cubes in the summer!

Isn't it funny how much dogs love ice? :)