Saturday, November 21, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 354

I've been working feverishly to come up with some way to keep my puppy entertained for hours on end.

There was the foolish idea that maybe a stuffed toy would work, 10 minutes and a living room full of stuffing later we moved onto the idea of throwing a ball.

Which lead to about 3 hours of us continually throwing a ball and never getting a moments peace.

Then I had a brain storm. I took one of Missy May's bones (one of Essies many nicknames she's acquired. Like a Russian spy she is) she'd already chewed up.
And then I jammed a couple milk bones inside so she could spend hours licking, biting and chewing to try and get them out.
Every now and then I put a few in loosely so she can get some and it isn't completely futile but so far this has been the best "go to your room and play with your toys by yourself" we've come up with.

And it only cost a bone she already chewed all the tasty stuff off and a couple of milkbones.


Chesney said...

Now that is a creative touch to her bone! Never thought of that one!

Leslie said...

Look into a "kong".

It worked for Jesse. Though, the ball part of a turkey baster works good too.