Thursday, July 3, 2008

And thus it continues

Now for the post everyone really cared about, the shower games.

After spending a good 2 hours waiting and eating our food (the salad was good, but man do I regret not getting the london broil. What resturant gives the person who got the pasta dish the least amount of food?) we only had an hour to do two games and open all the gifts. So this flew by quickly.
The first "game" is a story. Apparently it was family tradition where they would read a little essay about marriage and at certain words hold up cleaning supplies that are the same word (aka glad=Glad, fantastic = Fantastik, and match= book of matches). It was cute and in the end I got a ton of cleaning supplies (score!) and a laundry basket (though as his sister just got engaged I left some of the weirder named products that are hard to find for his mom to use again (there really is something called Iron Out apparently). We will never have to buy dryer sheets or laundry detergent ever again. If anyone would like the story or wants to just see it just leave a comment and then I can get to the long hard task of typing it all out.

The next game uses everyones love of making a mess and deciding who is in charge. His Mom found a roll of toilet paper that was blue and roll that is pink (sadly I didn't get the blue one). The rules are the first one to roll off all the toilet paper wins and wears the pants in the family (not sure what pants have to do with TP).
I won, by using my tiny fingers and just spinning all the toilet paper off (after decorating my guy for a bit). My fiance said it wasn't fair because his fingers are larger than mine, but we already know I wear the pants (well aside from when I wear a dress or a skirt). We made a big mess though, so who doesn't love getting to do that?

The final game was a simple quiz for everyone else about us. After reading the thing over I couldn't help but realize we are incredibly boring people. Really, even coming up with 8 questions was a stretch.

I do like the drawing one of his cousins made on hers though. The winner at each table got to take the flower and ice bucket centerpieces home.

And that was about it. So what followed was the joy of getting all that stuff back down the stairs and into the cars. Tomorrow I'll tell the tale of me packing up our car with everything while it rained and in high heels.

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