Thursday, July 31, 2008

A trip down memory lane

In reading That Bride's beautiful proposal and seeing her very unique engagement ring I was thinking about sharing my own proposal.

It's quite a bit different, quite a bit goofy, and quite a bit unromantic. So it's just like me.

I suppose this needs some backstory first (well I mean even more backstory than the other backstory I'm telling), we spent a good 2 years doing the long distance thing (which really sucks by the way) so marriage would come up but towards the end I was just happy with living in the same town as him again.

Come this August we moved into our apartment (I know we do our laundry in sin! Never mind just how evil cleaning the toilet bowl while living together is) and at the same time visited our favorite Greek restaurant and saw they were having an Oktoberfest beer dinner in October. We both thought it'd be fun, for me all the German food, for him all the beer.

Fast forward to October and it's the night of the dinner. I come home and for some reason the dishwasher is going and my guy is acting really twitchy. If I stand up he stands up, if I even lean a bit to get a kleenex he stands up and rushes over to me. I'm just thinking that he's really excited about all the fancy beer (and the pierogies).

Well as it draws near to the time to leave I decide that I'd better get ready and first I should shave my legs. First I have to get into one of those evil clam shell packages the razor blades are in. So I head to our junk drawer so I can deforest my stems. This just happens to be right next to our fridge and gives my guy a total heart attack.

He can't take the stress anymore, so as I am holding a pair of scissors in one hand and the razor blades in the other he pulls out this:I was so floored, I didn't see it coming at all. I know I just started laughing I was so surprised (and if you can't tell it's made out of cookie dough so I stole a nibble here and there) I think eventually I got an "Of Course" out.

He'd actually made a ring out of tin foil and I wore that the night while we were having some very interesting Greek/German food. A few weeks later we headed to a jewelry store that I knew had great service and we set out to make the engagement ring (our jeweler was so happy to do something that wasn't a diamond, he still likes to point us out if we go in for a ring cleaning).It was actually my guys idea to get a sapphire, and he'd originally wanted two diamonds on the side but our jeweler recommended using a jacket with two diamonds for the wedding band instead.

I love my very different proposal and extremely different engagement ring. What can I say, we're both really good at being different and weird.


Riley (aka Rachel) said...

That's a really really cute and thoughtful proposal!! It's really cool that he had a little tin foil ring for you to wear!
By the way, what flavor were the cookies???

Jennifer said...

compaired to my engagement story- that is VERY romantic! And thoughtful!

Ms. 122 said...

Haha, that's awesome! I love it! These proposal stories touch me more than the most over the top proposal stories that are typically deemed "romantic." Like Mr. 122 proposing on the ferry, he had to take a step back because he was so nervous he would drop the ring overboard, or not being able to get down on one knee for fear of not being able to get back up! These are the things that make me smile about our engagement story. And I love the ring! Beautiful!

Blablover5 said...

They were sugar cookies. So quite tasty to eat as dough, kinda boring after baked.

Sarah said...

That's such a cute proposal story! And I love your ring! I have a very danity vintage setting with a yellow diamond b/c I didn't want your run of the mill setting either.

My fiance proposed to me on New Year's Eve. I had no idea it was coming and was sloshed when he asked, he was terrified I wouldn't remember it the next day!

Jenna said...

Oh, the cookie thing is so cute! I really tried to tell fiance over and over that I wanted something simple and thoughful, I wish I had known about your story so I could have given it to him as an example. My proposal was really just a product of fiances procrastination (he proposed on our last day together before I moved home for 2 1/2 months before the wedding!)

Also, your ring makes me want ot create some type of "unique engagment ring" club, where the only membership requirements are you may not have a tiffany solitare lookalike!

Guilty Secret said...

You guys are so cute! Cookie dough proposal is soooo cute, I love when the guy asks without having got a ring and sapphire engagement rings are so cool! (Sapphires are my new favourite stone.)

Twyla said...

Awww...what a sweet proposal.

bella3987 said...

such a cute proposal and i love unusual rings! my aunt's ring is an amazonite since she loves green...its beautiful. :)