Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My replacement

One of the problems of getting a jacket/ wraparound wedding ring is that I will have to have it soldered to my engagement ring. So for two weeks I will be without any ring and it will drive me up the wall.

I have worn a rune necklace since I was in 8th grade. It's something simple but not wearing it really bothers me, to the point where I am checking to see where it is at all times. Rather than drive myself nuts always checking to make sure I have or don't have a ring on my finger I thought I'd get myself a simple substitute. This is my replacement ring. Well the one on the right, the one on the left is my engagement ring in crappy light so it looks really dark and foreboding. I got my replacement from, where else, etsy.com. It's from the shop Kim's Jewels that I got in any size I wanted for a whole $7 including shipping.

If like me you are looking for a simple ring but haven't found anything at etsy, there is another option. SilverJewelryClub.com is having a sort of showing off of their products giveaway. Essentially pieces are up for only 15 minutes but all you have to pay is $7 for shipping. Sometimes it's just fun to see what pieces are going to be up for sale later.

Soon enough Mr. replacement and I are gonna have to get acquainted as my ring goes into the shop and his goes in for some engraving (still no idea what we're gonna put on it), but at least out of it all it means I don't have an issue with where to put my engagement ring during the wedding.

Is anyone else gonna need another ring to keep them sane while theirs is away for re-sizing or being soldered?


Guilty Secret said...

After we got engaged we went straight to Thailand before I had a chance to get my ring sized. I didn't even have time to buy a replacement so I wore a toe ring on my finger! I just wanted to look down at that hand and smile :)

Katie said...

my grandpa is a jeweler and was able to fix my ring (a stone had fallen out of the band) and size it in one day.

I hated that day, but I just sucked it up!