Friday, July 25, 2008

Reception decor

First off, if anyone is having a fall wedding with the whole leaf theme the Dollar Tree Store has theirs in and they look really cool for being a whole dollar.They're four feet long and it even has some fake moss on the branches (you'll have to click on the image to actually see it). I think these bad boys are going onto the head table.

After visiting both of our parents and amassing the pile of Halloween stuff now it's time to start delegating what goes where.
Meet our ever growing pile

We've got some really cool blinking green skeleton lights from his Mom that as soon as I plugged them in I thought, DJ, perfect. Thanks to my Mother I think we have a miles worth of orange lights we can string up all over the place along with a garbage bag full of fake leaves.

As time goes on we keep getting more and more props to decorate our wedding with (stay
tuned for my attempt at making a Pratchett mainstay) so we have to decide where to put the cool pumpkin and spider lamp as well as the cauldron and an adorable bat.

I think some of it will be a day of thing. "Oh well here's an open space, quick put ghostie there." Never mind all the pumpkins we'll be getting and my MOH pushing the idea of getting straw bales.

We do have one thing figured out sort of, the cake table. First we are gonna do the old standard of scattering the leaves around on the table (why fight against a standard) but thanks to his Mom we got some really cool lights that are green, purple and orange (I'll admit at first I didn't think the color scheme would work at all, but it really looks amazing together. So if anyone is thinking of having a purple/green/orange wedding I say go for it).

I'll admit this picture does not do them justice as it's about impossible to take a picture of lights but they really pop and we're gonna run them around the cake and through the leaves.

We still have quite a bit more to go to really bring out all the halloween stuff (that and we just love making halloween stuff. I really think I need to make a spooky wedding sign but I have no idea how) and so if anyone needs any ideas for a haunted house I'm sure this blog will help with that as well.

Oh and in other news, I changed my shoes from white to blue last night.
Anything to get more blue and an excuse to get my fingers a different color.


Guilty Secret said...

Man it's gonna look so cool! Are you going to share photos?

Jennifer said...

Are you guys doing a "photo booth"? Cause your wedding screams photo booth! How fun would it be to have a trunk of costumes for folks to throw on! Not like you need any extra work if you aren't already doing that. Your reception is going to rock!

Blablover5 said...

I'll share pictures when it happens, but we're not gonna have a photo booth for 1. no money and 2. we can just rely on lots of digital cameras.