Monday, July 21, 2008

It's really happening

This weekend was an interesting learning experience for us. On sunday we traveled to see my parents (on Saturday we got some cool halloween stuff, Michaels already has some out so if you're like me and just like looking at it their spooky town has a killer octopus). They live a whole 2 hours away and as we'd just mailed our invitations on Friday I really didn't think that anyone would have one yet.

Instead it seems like everyone does. My Dad had to ask me how to run the RSVP postcard (something about asking if he had to e-mail it to me) and my mother had already put it on the giant paper filled fridge.

It's a weird feeling to have that invitation and reception card we worked on and okay didn't stress over as much as others but it's still ours, up there where all the other fancy weddings were in my life.

So that really means that we're gonna have to do the whole nine yards now. The white dress, the flowers, the candles, the having piles of pictures taken, the chicken dance. Dealing with waring relatives and the stress of "well why didn't you invite so and so."

As my fiance pointed out, it's starting to feel like graduation, something you've worked at for a long time and when the day arrives it just flies by so you barely remember being there. That's probably really why they take pictures so they can prove to the couple that they are in fact married.

It's one more of those life things that proves I'm growing up, though I do still like coloring and playing with cars, so while I'm not nervous about being married I'm still a bit in denial that I am one of those women about to become "THE BRIDE!"


Ms. 122 said...

i still find myself just staring at my ring for a really long time and subconsciously thinking "is that really mine?" i can't imagine how i'm going to feel when there's a wedding band attached or when i'm just weeks away from putting it on!

Jennifer said...

EEP! Invitations! That is really real. It'll be fun seeing how they roll in!

Guilty Secret said...

Man, it's just too weird, isn't it? I have got used to my engagement ring now, but a wedding ring? Oh. my. god.