Tuesday, July 29, 2008

There's a drawback to RSVP cards

Let's see it's now been over a week since our invitations went out. So that means we've gotten back 13 RSVP's. If that rate keeps up then we should get all ours back by . . . carry the one . . . use the cosign, Jun 13th 2012.

But that's not the sad and depressing part of getting your RSVP card back, it's how many come back no. Right now our stack is neck in neck for no versus yes. (Though I am hearing that yes has a few tricks up its sleeve and is gonna pull out a win in the end)

As that still gives us a glimmer of hope, to really make it pathetic, all but one of the yeses (yessers, yesipies, yeese?) are from people in the bridal party or doing something during the wedding. Well it sure does seem now that we don't have to worry about this wedding get out of hand. If we just have the bridal party come we'll have a whole 20-30 people there.

Due to this sad state of affairs I've been thinking of ways to both make sure you get back your RSVPs and also encourage people to show up to your wedding.

Drum roll please . . .

Have a drawing. Get one of those rolling things they use for Bingo. Say that you'll use their RSVP cards but they have to have been mailed to count. Oh and also the winner must be present, otherwise no gift.

That would be a new way to auction off those centerpieces you got from the dollar store. Or maybe you can even include a package of free labor for someone to help you take down all your decorations. If you have a limited number of cake or favors those can be the last "crappy" prizes.

And if that still doesn't draw in enough people to attend your wedding you can always look at it this way, there's less people you have to buy food and booze for. Or you can get the same amount of alcohol and have a really good time.


Ms. 122 said...

best. idea. ever! i think i may use this one, because really? who doesn't love free stuff!

Guilty Secret said...

Did the people who RSVPed no give reasons? I'm just wondering because I can't imagine ever refusing an invitation to a wedding. We're assuming pretty much everyone is going to come to ours at this point... although I know that's not really realistic.

I've just been working on an online form for our RSVPs... hope it makes people reply sooner!

Jennifer said...

We are still trying to figure out honeymoon plans, so if you get too many no's, We can come out to exotic Nebraska for the wedding! :)

Blablover5 said...

We just got our first "we only invited 2 people and they're bringing their whole family" today. This is getting interesting.

Cody said...

Wonderful idea. Online RSVP is pretty brilliant, too... if most of your guests are web-friendly. (Ours are not.)

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

We had to deal with the whole mess of going back and forth with his family on how many people to invite. They SWEAR that of the 150+ people they want to invite (and that's not including his friends or co-workers) only about 25 will come. Ummm, yeah, our venue can only HOLD 175 max, and we're only planning on having about 150 total guests (and not just from his side!). I realize that not everyone will come (and supposedly you'll get more RSVP "no"s first, before the "yes"es), but that's taking a huge chance. It'll be interesting when we send out our invites and get back our RSVP's. It could either be a "Oh, look, you guys did have room after all. You could have invited old Mr. So-and-so from down the way"..... OR, it could (and will hopefully be) Him:"See, Mom?? We didn't have room to invite my 6th grade math teacher." (Yeah, she was seriously on the list...)

Hope your RSVP's start coming in fast and furious, and with a bunch of YES's!