Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fun for all the kiddies

We'd never even thought about having a kid free wedding. It just isn't us or really our wedding. Ours is gonna be less elegant and more candy-fueled randomness.

But as we all know weddings can be incredibly boring for the young, so last night we headed off to the dollar store and got ourselves some fun stuff to play with. (You can buy a wedding table activity set but ours was more fun to collect and cost under $5). The three coloring/activity books are completely different. One is more for the really young kids as it's just random pictures (and I mean random, one page is a GI Joe stealing a bunch of blocks and next to it is a T-rex), another one has a story to each page (which is extremely entertaining to read apparently a cricket and a bee hook up or something), and the last one has Batman. Batman!

They didn't have true Play-Doh but instead a lovely 6 pack of Magic Dough. Call me crazy but I kinda doubt the kids are going to be all that brand savvy, at least not when they can play with it and make a total mess of their dressy clothes (good thing they'll all be in costume, eh).

I was thinking after watching my 3 year old ring bearer it'd also be really cool to get them all some temporary tattoos, which we could spend a ton of money to get them with our names on them but I'd rather just get the kids some Spider-Man or Dora. Got to make some cute pictures of kids just covered in fake tattoos right?

Hopefully the kids, in between stealing all the candy to get super sugared up, will have some fun and color a cute picture to share with everyone (if we're given any they are so going into the scrapbook).

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