Friday, July 11, 2008

Meet the pres(ent)

Last night we got our first wedding gift shipped to us.

It was rather exciting to have a package show up that we didn't order or have to put with something else for the wedding.

Meet our first shipped wedding gift. We call him Al.
Me: Welcome, so glad you could be here with us.

Al: Wow I never really thought that I'd make it. I mean it was quite a bumpy road for a while there, but here I am.

Me: So what was it like going through the whole registry process?

Al: Well, at first I wasn't so sure they really wanted me. I mean I was one of those heavy pieces of furniture and everyone can use a few more spatulas.

Me: Ha ha, tell me about it. The dishwasher just ate another one of mine.

Al: But after some debating they picked me on-line and I got the call that I was getting shipped out.

Me: Okay, so how about after you arrived?

Al: That was a bit worrying. Will they like me? Will they want me? Will they attempt to return me to Target and get so frustrated with the customer service I get flinged across the parking lot?

Me: Well as you can see we wanted to keep you.

Al: Thank goodness for that milk crate night stand. Ha ha. They were a bit rough in unloading me. And it took them forever to find my instruction booklet.

Me: Got any funny stories to share with us?

Al: Oh yes, when they were putting me together they messed up the long screws with the short screws so in attaching the top of me to my legs they drilled to huge holes through the top. Ha ha, owe.

Me: Well to err is human, to forgive varnished pine.

Al: I'm just happy to be supporting an alarm clock and a box of kleenex now, doing a job that I love.

Me: Thanks for meeting with us.

Al: Sure no problem. Just remember to spray and dust your furniture. Thanks for playing.


Jennifer said...

Yay for presents! And very very cute post. I am a bit disappointed that our first gift didn't converse with us.

Tayia said...

That was hilarious. I actually laughed really loud in my office before I caught myself. Oops! AJ is quite the character.