Friday, July 18, 2008

They're gone

So after months of fussing over them, getting them all dressed up, then watching them squat on our table for weeks it's finally time to send out invitations off into the wide blue yonder.

We had a very simple system for putting our invitations together. My fiance and I each took half of them and then raced to see who would finish first. I would have won too if it weren't for that meddling tissue paper.

Then it came addressing time, which thank God for that JC Penny planner we got. It had a nice listing of who to call what and also served as a nice lap table. Maybe it's tacky but postmen all across the nation will thank us as we printed off the addresses on the outer envelope on my handy dandy printer (we only lost like 25 envelopes or so in trying to figure the damn thing out).

Writing on the inner envelope was a whole new kind of challenge as my mother's list was, well, sparse to put it nicely while his mothers was already set up with every one who just hit 18 getting their own invitations and a guest (we did it but I really do not understand the point of sending three invitations to the same house). But as I could fake nice handwriting better than my guy (or so he claimed, but he's probably lying so he can seem cool) I got to write them all out while he stuffed.Then came the worst part, the licking of the envelopes. Like most envelopes these tasted terrible so I switched to the sponge method halfway though (not quite the same as the birth control, in fact as far from the idea as possible). Rather than buying one of those things I just got a cup of water and a new dish sponge. It would have worked out really well if it weren't for the fact that half of the envelopes seemed to barely have any glue on them so it just got the paper all wrinkly and I had to tape them.
But now they're gone, off into the world all alone. Some may get lost in the shuffle and spend the rest of their lonely days in the letter kennel, others may make it to their destination just to be shoved under the growing pile of mail. It is out of my hands, so time to celebrate.

Free turkeys for all!


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Guilty Secret said...

How exciting! And ha ha @ the sponge method!

Linda said...

Awesome. Now the wait begins for all those little RSVPs!