Monday, July 7, 2008

You, take it now!

Last night, my fiance and I were watching the candy expo on food network (from 2004, seriously food network that's 4 years old I'm sure there's been new candy made since then). They were showing off a giant sucker you can put on your thumb and he mentioned how every sucker you put on your hand is just like someone trying to imitate a ring pop.

My mind thought of our reception and how we have to make sure to get a few ring pops for our candy centerpiece pile so we can have a picture taken of us wearing those instead of our wedding rings. (that just sums us up quite nicely)

It got me to thinking of all the other pictures normal people call "must takes" (I call them the same thing but who doesn't love quotes?)
  1. I loved the idea of a bride eating, especially a doughnut. It's sad when eating something sweet is seen as weird and strange by a grown adult but there ya go. Maybe for me it'll be a Runza cheeseburger though. (I can't be trusted with chocolate, I will get it on me)
  2. This is just a gorgeous picture. Assuming we have a bright sunny day, it'd be nice to take a really hopeful picture
  3. My fiance and I are always laying on the couch like that. He says that I make a good blanket and I say he makes a good pillow. Another simple picture that shows the whole point of said wedding.
  4. This is such a lush picture getting in lots of foliage. Since we're getting married in fall I'd love a picture of us just playing in leaves. Sadly I couldn't find any pictures of a bride jumping in a pile of leaves.
  5. I had the thought of wouldn't it be neat to see the couple "stopping to smell the roses" in a garden. Of course any pictures like that lead to a bride smelling her bouquet. So this one of a kid being a kid is just too cute.
  6. As we're having a taller flower girl (ie she's 21) and a smaller one (5) I'd think a cute picture could be my tall one instructing or showing the little one. Or vice versa really. Though man you can't really trust those girls, always trying to drag a boy to church.
  7. I love all the wild and crazy things can and will do, so just some candids of me and my fiance interacting with the kids (especially my MOH's son, he loves my guy).
  8. My MOH and I always had a weird tradition in college if it was raining she'd jump in the huge puddles and try to drench me but she always got herself. So I just thought it'd be hilarious if it's raining and we want to do a trash the dress we could jump into a huge puddle. Sadly this is the closest pic I could find.
That's all I've found so far, for other blogs that have lots of must take pictures there's Silly Little Mischief , That Bride, Rock 'n' Roll Bride, In This Instance, and Porcelain have tons of other really cool pictures to steal inspiration from.

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Guilty Secret said...

It's kind of cool that you couldn't find a picture of a bride jumping in a pile of leaves cos now if you do it you'll be the first!