Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Free gifts for all

Okay, if you are in anyway affiliated with me or the wedding party that we are trying to arrange, step back now.



Don't make me pull out medusa. She hasn't had much to do lately.

I mean it Stinky and freshman.

Okay, they'll at least feel a little bad now if they're peeking.

First off for my sexy taller flower girl (there is still just something funny about a flower girl that can legally drink).This was my second find from first was my necklace) They aren't really earrings meant for the day of wedding (though freshman can pull off anything no matter how weird it is) but she absolutely adores pink and black and these just screamed her as soon as I saw them.

Hopefully she can rock these whenever she gets an opportunity.
So she can be a super cute flower girl I also got her a tiara. I won't be wearing one but I thought it'd be really cool if both of the flower girls had their own tiaras so they can be beautiful. (If you can't tell by now Freshman is my accessories friend, who is also going to be doing my hair for the wedding).

My Matron of Honor and best friend Stinky is a whole nother kettle of fish. She barely wears any jewelry, doesn't do well with random crap (so no flasks or that other stuff everyone always gets a bridesmaid) so I thought outside the box a bit for her.She has a 3 and a half year old son (who is also one of our ring bearers) and all of her pictures of him are online. I remember when I was younger loving to flip through scrapbooks and picture books to find pictures of me when I was a baby.

So I collected a bunch of stickers, some cardstock and a lot of rubber cement to make her a scrapbook of her son.It's just amazing to flip through and watch the little-man grow up. I remember when he was just a few weeks old hearing him sneeze for the first time and realize it was just like his mom's.
For my other bridesmaid (fiance's sister) we've been hunting around for a spanish wine. She's really gotten into wine tasting recently and spent some time in Spain (for school). I don't really want to buy it yet for fear that we could have a big mess on our hands. Let's just say the wedding table is not all that stable.

Like the kids, for the girls I got them each something a bit different from the norm. None of my friends are the same so I never could have pulled off the "tote with cool things in it." But I hope that they'll all enjoy it. If not we can always get them real quick some Thomas bubbles too.


Guilty Secret said...

I just love how you're having a grown-up flower girl. Genius.

Kelly said...

cute gifts! I've been scouring etsy for stuff too. I might be going a little overboard also. oh well!