Thursday, July 17, 2008

Map Maker, Map Maker

Make me a map, find me a find, catch me a catch. . .

Apparently one of the drawbacks of having over half of your guest list coming from a few states away means that they're gonna have no idea how to find that place (or possibly the state depending upon how early they start the celebration).

So I set out to map this territory. After driving around with a piece of paper and some crayons I realized that this isn't gonna work. Especially after we got turned around and wound up in a pasture (Be careful, cows can be mean).

I was really happy then to find a program for free that would make my Map for me. It's Wedding and it essentially uses google maps or yahoo maps (I never asked the maps their affiliation) to place dots down where your sites are. Then you can click on them to get directions to and from one area.

But I realized that may be too complicated for some guests who aren't as big into clicking on random things and finding the Llama Llama Duck song. So I used the magical powers of photoshop and image capture to take a picture of the map, then two sets of directions (one from the hotel to the church and then one from the church to the reception site), combined them together and put that up on our website.Sadly our sites are too far apart for us to print off a really useable map to put in our invitations (plus it will save on shipping costs). So hopefully those who don't like my really pretty map can use their own GPS to tell them where to go, or just ask someone else who's heading that way for a ride.

If that doesn't work we can always get them all a bunch of state maps for free from one of the rest stops.

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Tayia said...

Hallelujah! This post spoke to me! Thank you so much for the map thing! I've been looking everywhere and that site is perfect. Cows can be SOO mean. I used to work on a ranch for a couple years. And that llama llama duck song...funniest thing! I keep showing it to everyone. Thanks again!