Thursday, July 3, 2008

To dream, the impossible dream

Last night/ this morning I had one of the weirdest wedding dreams hopefully ever (there has to be a contest for that right?). I should preclude this with I always have really weird dreams, but sometimes mine get really out there.

(Hazy cloud effect)

It all began on the day of our set up for the wedding. As my mother was obsessing about where the flowers should go at the reception site some of our friends began to demand they were hungry and wanted to head to the nearest McDonalds. So while she was deep into some bright red flowers she waved them off in the direction of one.

Meanwhile I was for some reason at my dress fitting (yes it was the day before the wedding but that didn't seem to bother me). It got off on a weird tangent when I had to wear a pair of sneakers that weren't mine, moussed up my hair to put a veil in, and then waited while she cut out a section of the rug and wrapped that around me in order to fix the dress I was wearing (which to add more to the madness was really my best friends dress).

While I was being tortured with pins and a bath rug, my fiance was home having what he thought was a brilliant plan to take a large area rug (I guess my brain is saying we need more rugs), write on it our names and how to get to our wedding, and put that in the road. Just as he was laying one out it started to rain, but this was no normal rain. For hidden within each rain drop were some little worms.

As these worms hit the ground they slithered up to anyone outside and burrowed under their skin. For you see these worms were from Outer Space! As they got under peoples skin the people turned into zombies.

Lets just say the dream ended with me running back to a spooky house where the power was out, the door was open, and I was searching all over for my fiance.

I'm really hoping that I never have another dream as weird as that. How about the rest of you? What's the weirdest dream you've had related to or courtesy of the wedding?

Later I promise I'll show off all the wild and wacky shower games we got to (had to) play.

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