Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Make your own spooks

This past weekend we did a lot of really boring stuff (like cleaning to make room for when our place explodes with wedding stuff). But one fun thing we did was make our new friend. I like to call him Ghostie (though I call ghost rider the same thing so I'm not very creative).

He was actually my guys project, so it was rather interesting to watch a guy attack a craft project. First stop was Home Depot to get the special glue and paint and give up completely on finding any cheesecloth. The lady checking us out was one of those that just loves to talk and ask everyone what they're gonna do with what they're buying, so my guy sort of mumbled that we're making a ghost and then we made a bee line for the door.My guy tackled the unfun project of attaching two smaller bottles to one large one with some hot glue and then shoving a styrofoam bottle onto it all.
I got the fun job of mixing together the stiffy fabric glue and the glow in the dark paint and then mashing all the cheesecloth into it. It's way more fun getting to make a mess than anything else.
After the cheesecloth had absorbed all the kick ass nutrients from the glues and paints it was time to place it all on the pop bottle model. There was a long debate about how quickly it should be put on before we make a huge drippy mess all over the floors. Alas that didn't work out so well as in the process of debating lots of glue and flashy glowing paint spots got all over.

But after a few days of drying (I eventually cheated and used a hair dryer) and adding some really flashy eyes Ghostie was born. He now sits atop our boxes of wedding presents that have no room to go anywhere and every night I like to charge him up to watch him glow.

Just one more bit of decoration for the reception that we crafted to prove that no matter how crazy we are we're gonna have a Halloween party.


Kara said...

That looks so cool!!

Tayia said...

Oh, I loved making these for Halloween every year! It was kinda a tradition at my house. Your reception sounds like it's going to be fun!