Tuesday, September 30, 2008

De-stress Tuesday

As October comes a knockin' on the door (better than it banging on the pipe as that's sure to cause structural damage and then a gas leak) the stress levels around the wedding blog o sphere seem to be hitting critical mass.

I'm sure anyone about to get married in a week or two is running around like some kind of domesticated animal missing its cranium so rather than talk about weddings or anything related to weddings today I was thinking we'd all need a good laugh.

So first up: Monty Python and the Cheese Shop sketch (I have a slight crush on Michael Palin)

Much like Cake Wrecks, Photoshop disasters presents an entertaining world where models have no legs, extra hands , or are secretly Elastigirl.

For any Dr. Horrible fans out there, you can now get the soundtrack on iTunes. I've been listening to it constantly.

And if you've actually got too much stress and lots of time on your hands, this little game will keep you busy for hours (extra points if you do the new one).


Guilty Secret said...

I wish I wasn't at work so that I could watch that clip. I just can't risk it right now because I *know* how much it will crack me up!

Jennifer said...

I want to buy some CHEEESE! I love this bit. Too funny. I heard a piece on NPR a few weeks ago and the famous lack of customer service by the English was summed up by this skit. I laughed so hard I had to pull over.

Tayia said...

What a horrible game, it's very addicting. I love it! I'm like a cat with a ball of yarn!

Anonymous said...

OMG...I am SUCH a BIG fan of Monty Python!This is one of my favorite bits!