Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Cutest Little Monster

Okay so it's long past Halloween but my best friend finally got up some pictures of this and I had to share.

I don't know if you all remember my cute little ring bearer who just had to be Cookie monster this year but his mom worked hard on his cute little costume.

She took towels and turned those into a hoodie and pants:

But that wasn't all. This is the really cute part. Thinking that he may get hot and want to take off his hoodie she made for him a T-shirt with cookie monsters insides.Look you can see the cookies in his stomach. Take that store bought costume.


DCKate said...

Oh man he is too cute. I love little kids with glasses! He has a very creative and talented mom, too!

Linda said...

Wow, she's one talented lady. Looks wonderful.

Leslie said...

Thanks, the key is to find incredibly simple patterns and have a creative babysitter to come up with the "guts" idea.

By the way, I'm his mom.