Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Those things he does

Everyone has their own little quirks (fancies, idiosyncrasies, or whims) that can either endear a person to you or really make one question their own sanity.

No one is exempt (I am a talker, but only to myself or in my sleep) and while we all are madly in love with our significant others and wouldn't want them to change there are a few little things they do that just make you scratch your head.

I felt like sharing those that my husband does that I will never understand but I am sure to come in time I'd miss if he did it any different.

Whenever we get out of the car he has to shut everything off.

This requires a good two minutes of flipping switches, turning knobs, and pushing buttons. Then while I'm already inside the apartment he can get out of the car.

I can kind of understand his reasoning behind why all of the climate controls must be turned off before the car (I say kind of because I'm being nice, I really don't get it at all) but I have no idea why the radio must be silenced so then we have to turn it on every time we get back in the car.

He says it's because his mother always wanted to talk and not have the radio on while riding with him, but all I can think is anything longer than a quick 5 minute drive and I'd go mad without some background music.

Shopping is an interesting experience as well.

Apparently his idea is to let me be constantly in front while he's behind watching to make sure I don't suddenly bolt.

I remember in our early days of dating I'd slow up so I could walk beside him, well then he'd slow down again to be behind. It would get so bad we'd be standing in the middle of the grocery store, neither of us moving.

Growing up I was more used to the idea of splitting up and meeting up in the middle with whatever you wanted to look at. He likes to travel in a group and is scared to leave me alone for more than a few minutes (though he is getting better in a smaller store that we've been in multiple times. He's all but suctioned onto my side at Wal-Mart).

How about the rest of you? What strange little quirks do your fiances/husbands have that you can't understand?


AmyJean said...

Lol... quirks. I love that we call them that!

My FH won't dry his feet when he steps out of the tub, even though it takes one extra second; he won't wipe the extra toothpaste off his mouth with water, and instead uses the towel. When he cooks (often) he doesn't carefully stir, he likes to just let everything go all over the stove (and doesn't clean it up immediately after) and he refuses to fold the towels corner to corner, he just does it so its somewhat folded and puts it in the towel cabinet!

And yet I still love him... perhaps i'm just too anal? lol

Jennifer said...

You inspired me to write a whole post about the annoying things my husband does!

Oh, amyjean I agree about the kitchen messes. Maybe I could go write a whole other post!

valerie said...

I think one of the most annoying things my husband does is when he's cooking, he'll throw wrappers, trash, egg shells, etc into the sink. Apparently to him, a waste disposal means you can throw... ALL... waste into it and it'll be fine.

Also probably TMI, but it is positively infuriating to me, is sometimes he dribbles pee on the toilet seat because he's too lazy to put the seat up OR down! WTF!?

Otherwise, he's an obsessive-compulsive neat-and-organizational-freak. I don't get the pee thing though. It goes against all OCD compulsions.


Rachel said...

Chris doesn't understand why I want to clean (at least a little) once a week. He'll be like "Hey, you just cleaned last week!". Duh. Yeah. It's dirty again.
Also, he has a really really bad habit of setting his alarm clock way earlier than when he actually gets up - so I get to hear it go off like 5 times!! :-(