Sunday, November 9, 2008

A pro pic sneak peak

We just got our professional pictures in yesterday and while I've been fighting with photobucket to get them uploaded I've flipped through some but still have to pick which ones I like best.

I do have a few little sneak peaks to show you all though (I'm sure you're just thrilled at this point. In fact I bet you woke up thinking, God I hope I get to see more wedding pictures from someone who's already posted all of theirs).

And since on can only take so much sap on a lazy Sunday morning, here's a fun candid shot where it looks like someone killed the bride. I'm actually leaning back trying to get a hold of an unhappy toddler but I like the other story much better.

We still have to wait on a bunch of the reception pictures, which I'm sure you're all much more excited about.


DeadmansLog said...

Look at those shoes! :) Awesomely awesome.

Spent my yesterday chasing a toddler, though she was rarely unhappy. That's exhausting.

Linda said...

That actually looks like you laid down for a nap!

AmyJean said...

Love the kissing shot. so romantic :)

Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha, looks like you just gave up on it all!