Friday, November 21, 2008

A spectacularly amazing announcement

As I'm sure you have all noticed I'm trying to guide this blog away from non stop wedding stuff (though I still have lots more to share from my own including the rest of the pro pics as soon as the mail man gets around to fighting off Jack Frost).

But after talking with some of my good friends (who you've all seen pictures of) we've realized that between us we still have some great wedding ideas. So we've created a new wedding blog called Elegant & Budget Friendly.

What we're about is making a really cheap wedding look as fancy as possible. Trust me we're about as cheap as they come, but we also have some insider information into the fancy wedding world (one of our contributors is a caterer for a $200 a plate weddings).

We have one author that is a pro at the inspiration boards, she's also a nearlyengaged as she waits for this economy to figure itself out (and is our little caterer).

Another author is a mom about to add another little one to her family and has been married for nearly 5 years. She's got some great advice (or at least entertaining rants) on how to deal with hubby's and what to expect after that 2 year itch.

Hopefully we'll get ourselves an awesome wedding coordinator to chime in on what she sees with weddings as well.

And you all know me, every day you put up with my random insanity.

So go and check us out at Elegant & Budget Friendly. We're also open to any other newlyweds who still want to share some fun wedding stuff but don't want to bog their own blogs down.


AmyJean said...

Congrats! That's awesome!

Broke-ass Bride said...

Holler! How exciting! Congrats :)

Rachel said...

Wow - what a great idea!!
Congrats and good luck!