Thursday, November 20, 2008

A hair raising experience

Cue the wavy lines:

I'm taking you back, back to October 17th when I was still a little lowly bride and had a horde of people coming to ransack our apartment.

I don't know what most normal people do the day before their wedding but ours was pretty much devoted to two things: 1. rehearsal and dinner & 2. the making cool and painting of numerous wigs.

My MOH showed up on our doorstep with a toddler in tow and a wig that looks like this:
Not very scary or Bride of Frankenstienish now is it? But not to fear my tall flowergirl and I were gonna work our magic to make it look awesome (or fail miserably and lead to some serious problems, we've done both).

First the Tall flower girl (while wearing the tiara I got her) pinned up the weird tales and shaped the poor wig to give it some lift.

Then I got out the white paint, mixed it up with some water and painted some really cool freehand racing stripes. I think it makes her head go faster.
I got distracted a bit and had to try on the Chucky wig my tall flower girl was gonna work on for her boyfriend as well.In the end our little bride turned out looking quite cool. It was quite surprising how quickly she fell into character without having a clue she was doing it.

(And if you're wondering about the shirt change, let me say wet paint is dribbly and changing a shirt while having a huge wig on is hard work. So put a towel down if you're gonna try this).

If anyone else wants to make a just about perfect Bride wig, we used this one from Target.

I am sure that lots of women routinely paint wigs right before they're about to get married, right? Right?


AmyJean said...

I am impressed with the transformation!

I checked the link. it should work :-/

DeadmansLog said...

this is incredible! It makes me want to do a post on "cool things you can do with cheap wigs" -- since that's how most of my Medusa Hair came to be. :)