Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some more halloween stuff

Hurray! I just got the e-mail saying that my pro pics are done and on their way.

So soon I'll be able to look through them all and share the handful I think are blog worthy.

I also spent a few hours last night working on our wedding video. It's turning out a lot cooler than I thought it would. I was really afraid that I'd just have a cobbled together mess thanks to my parents just focusing on filming their grandkids.

Let me tell you, if you are just gonna have someone for free film all your important moments make sure that it's a childless 20-something. They won't totally focus on their grandbabies and ignore your first dance or your cutting of the cake.

But I've found a way around it all by just having the pictures set to "In the Hall of the Mountain King" from our reception that is so cool. I sometimes amaze myself by how well things turn out.

Anywho, to celebrate the fact that the pro pics are coming in I thought I'd share some other people's pictures of our haunting decor.

The first thing you see upon entering the reception was this little guestbook set up.
And seated at the guestbook was this guy. I don't think he asked anyone to sign in, but a few of the mints behind him went missing so he must have gotten into the festivities at some point.This was an idea my Mother-in-Law and her cousin came up with. They got an M&M dispenser and added the veil and tux to it (It still kills me that Red is the girl in this relationship). I love the expression on yellow, as if he can't believe what he's seeing.
It's our headtable. You can see the pumpkin we carved complete with the cute bat on top and one of the candy baskets. The red pumpkin was also much prized and there was a slight argument over who got it:

A better shot of our headtable at night. The guys did an amazing job.
My Mother went all out. She even painted her skin green, so I wound up getting my fair share on me. She's probably where I get my Halloween enthusiasm from.

My father-in-law, showing off his newest set of teeth.The bridesmaid really working that red-eye. Their whole family seems to be cursed with it.It's good to know that I could quite easily look like a serial killer if I so wanted.

And finally a picture of me and my tall flowergirl going at it. That ugly toss bouquet became a great prop til it had to die.


DeadmansLog said...

These are fabulous. Your wedding looks so incredibly fun.

I really do love how the baskets turned out; great job!

Linda said...

I love how everyone seemed to get into the costume thing. That's awesome.

Jenna said...

Where do you get these magical red pumpkins?

Blablover5 said...

It was a rare one that my parents found in the pumpkin patch. I am guessing it just had the right conditions to turn more red than orange.

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks like it was so much fun!!!!You look so terrifically happy!So your family shot a bunch of lil kid photos at your wedding did they?

Rachel said...

I love seeing your pics. Again, I wish I could have been there!

Guilty Secret said...

I just love how you had that 'guy' attend the guestbook. Genius. And the m&ms were hilarious!