Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's our one month anniversary

And neither of us want to kill the other. Hurray!
We're gonna celebrate by um having some crock pot leg of lamb and then probably watching one of the zillion of movies we bought on our honeymoon. And then maybe do some . . . okay so we're really not gonna celebrate at all.

We're boring shut in types and lets face facts with Christmas around the corner (as well as the husbands birthday. It really sucks having to think of two gifts quickly for picky him. I'm trying to get him to move his birthday to a more manageable April but so far no dice) that's sucking up most of my gift giving surprise planning spirit.

Plus even though it's been a month I don't think it's really sunk in yet that I'm married and a wife and stuff. We lived together a year before getting married, we're still living in the same place doing living stuff (well when not sleeping then we're doing sleeping stuff).

I have been working on the name change thing. First thing I've learned when you fill out the Social Security stuff make sure to sign the thing before mailing it off. He he he. I hope I didn't miss anything else this second go around otherwise they're probably gonna refuse me on the grounds of not knowing how to fill in little boxes.

We've also done the boring responsible thing of taking all the money we got from the wedding and putting it into a joint savings account (though we could have gotten a stuffed pony if we'd gone the checking route, so it was a hard choice).
We've lasted longer than the tree behind us

Who knows, maybe by the next monthiversary I'll suddenly feel this cosmic balance as though all is right with the world. Or I'll be freaking out about what we're gonna do for the holidays. 50/50 chance really.

Congratulations to all married couples that have made it another month. Give yourself a pat on the back and maybe get a little treat too. Hot cocoa is very popular at this time of year.


AmyJean said...

ONE MONTH IS HUGE! Has it already been one month? WOW! And i love the little caption about the tree! i'm loving the Kissy pics too... so cute and romantic. I love it.

PS. My FH and I are also the homebody types... some think we're boring, i say we're just the opposite b/c we can hang out with each other at home and still be amused, so we can't be THAT boring... lol!

DeadmansLog said...

I love those pictures!! So sweet.

And I'm with amyjean - one month already? srsly? Congratulations! It hardly seems possible.

valerie said...

Woohoo! Happy one month!

Tomorrow makes two months for the husband and me.

It's strange.

I don't think it has set in yet... still.

Time is FLYING!

Kara said...

We did the wedding money in a joint savings account too - paid for my root canal - woo hoo. I didn't even realize our one month, my mom reminded me hahaha

Sarah said...

congrats on your first anniversary.