Saturday, November 29, 2008

First Ornament together

I have been keeping an eye peeled this year for a nice, simple and not to ugly "First Christmas Together" ornament. It's been insanely difficult as Hallmarks selections this year were terrible and all the other ones I've seen have involved bears dressed as brides and or grooms.

I don't know why but I have some issues with having a wedding bear on my tree. Imagine a bride with a yellowed dress and ripped veil still hanging there 20 years down the road. Kinda like the bride who has her fiance run out on her her wedding day, goes nuts, and refuses to take her dress off so she dies all alone in her house.

I'd pretty much given up on ever finding one til I stumbled across this cute little snowman pair.Simple, sweet, and you usually can't go too wrong with snowmen (well til the dog decides to smash through the poor thing and eat the arms made of sticks).

Has anyone else been looking for a "First 'holiday of your choice' symbol" and had any good luck?


Linda said...

Someone gave us a ornament with our names and our wedding date on it. I think that will suffice.
That's a good one you picked.

megan said...

I didn't even think about this! what a cute idea.
gonna start looking now. where have you been finding such things?

sammik said...

I am crazy about Christmas ornaments, so I've been on the look out for an "Engaged (Your Engagement Date Here" ornament. I am in love with this place:

I was at their physical store this past week and saw all sorts of fun stuff. They have all sorts of stuff for all sorts of people. :) I especially loved the ornament for bowlers that said "Spare Me". Hahaha...