Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Le toss de bouquet

Most brides anymore forgo the bouquet toss thinking that it's outdated and repulsive to remind everyone that some of your friends are single. I can understand that as there were a few times that I got drug out onto the floor not really wanting to land a man anyway (I didn't have the right hooks).

But I still had it at my wedding as a lot of people still expect it and seem sad if you don't.

It also gave me the best story ever.

This is my tall flowergirl. She's been with her boyfriend for over a year and just had to attend two weddings (mine and her brothers).

This is my wedding coordinator. At the time she was two weeks away from getting married and a little um shall we say tipsy.

They are both great friends and so excited to be sisters now, but that night they had a slight competition going on. One claimed that she had to catch the bouquet cause she was getting married next (as within two weeks) while the other said that it wasn't fair and she deserved it (she's also had a slight case of wedding fever).

In the end my tossing of the bouquet ended in this:

It's a good thing that the toss bouquet was poorly made and, if I say so myself, quite ugly. I hear that after the end of that little wrestling match they ended up with a bruised hip and ripped dress.

And see all those petals and various green bits, the small flowergirl decided that she should full fill her duties by picking it all up and giving to me.

After that little surprise my biggest regret is not having the pro photographer there to snap the bouquet toss. These are sadly the best pictures we have but there is at least some video footage.

I'd suggest that if you are gonna have the toss you may want to make a little emergency kit full of band-aids, tape, mouth guards, and a spit bucket.

And if you've decided not to do it, well you never know what fun you may be missing out on.


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AmyJean said...

That actually looks like the funnest toss I've seen

Linda said...

I'm glad you had people that were into it. We just don't have enough single friends so I skipped it.

Rachel said...

Looks like it was fun. I'm usually one of those girls who doesn't like to catch them - so I'm a little excited that I won't have to anymore!! I just always thought it was a little silly.
But - we're having one at our wedding, it's tradition, and hopefully will be lots of fun.

We're also having a garter toss. Something that my wedding coordinator and Chris talked me into. Still don't have a garter, though...

DeadmansLog said...

I'm all giggly now. Those pictures are great!