Monday, November 10, 2008

Ceremony pro pics

Here are a few of the professional ceremony pictures from Sisters Photography that aren't the okay stand the bride and groom up and change everyone behind them. Everyone has to do them (especially to appease parents) and everyone has seen basically the same thing.

So instead here are the pictures at the ceremony of us being ourselves.

This is a posed picture, but I swear to God both of those guys make the exact same faces in regular life.
I just love my tall flowergirl.My best friend and I are kinda goofy sometimes, she sure loves the rabbit ears.

I love this picture as she's smiling just as bright as ever but as you go down you can see that she's shifting her feet in her shoes just like a little kid."Okay Dad, now you got to take a right. What do you mean you're at the airport? How the hell did you wind up there?"I call this my "I am waiting for a bus" pose. It'll be all the rage in weddings soon, trust me.Help, my neck is being eaten by flora! Get the roundup!We had a few write ins for the ring bearer after a failed nap and some anxiety disorder.I so badly wanted a picture of me and my friends. While I had a relatively small party some of my good friends filled what some would think as less glamorous roles because they wanted to (IE why I had a 21 year old flower girl and someone on guestbook). And just because they weren't bridesmaids or have to get special dresses didn't mean I did not want some pictures with them.We're still waiting on the reception ones, which I am sure are way more fascinating (I think there's a picture of me drawing on my tall flower girls boob).


DeadmansLog said...

I love the picture with your friends. :)

What a fabulous wedding.

Guilty Secret said...

Oh, the smiles. Pictures of you smiling make me smile :)

Rachel said...

LOL, I love the "waiting for the bus" pose!! ;-) Maybe I'll have to try that??

I love your pics - you all look like you're having such a good time and are so happy. Just the way a wedding should be!

Sarah said...

Ah you're married!

I've been SOOO behind on my feeds because of work. But congrats- the pictures look amazing.