Monday, November 17, 2008

Non-matching Bridesmaids

After reading That Bride's post about her own bridesmaids I thought I should share our little approach.

We didn't just throw out the rule book when it came to the bridesmaids attire, we also ran over it with the mower, set it on fire, and dumped it into a volcano for good measure.

I know next to nothing about dresses and shoes and how to make something look just perfect on another body. What I do know is how uncomfortable an unfamiliar dress and pair of shoes can be (not to mention how expensive and just downright evil).

So all I told my best friends and future family was to find a dress in either blue or green and wear it. It didn't matter if you already had it or it was found at a department store clearance sale. Just try to not show up naked (though thanks to some last minute alterations that was a possibility).

However, I would have been perfectly fine with a few barefoot women running around. People didn't even start asking me what shoes they should wear til about a week before and lets face facts it's way too late now, missed the boat, sorry you'll have to pick on your own (and we won't even talk about matching hair and makeup).

I'd say in the end it looks pretty good:

And for a shoe look:

It worked out so much better than I could have imagined, everyone was really happy and relaxed, and no one felt the need to smack me upside the head because my girls weren't in the exact same dress, shoes, and hair.

So take that rules. If one of your best friends wants to wear a dress that isn't made by the same designer as your others or even from the same dreaded dye lot just think about it letting her. Who knows how much fun you could have?


DCKate said...

love it! i am all about the non-matching bridesmaids. i'm so happy seeing how well it worked out for you and jenna as well.

Jenna said...

I like that they all ended up wearing the same neckline though.

AmyJean said...

I like it... i think your girls looked awesome!

The Pissed Off Bride said...

I completely agree with you. Let them wear what they want. I don't care what my bridesmaid wear, just as long as its the right color and you don't look like a street walker!

megan said...

hey... i like the new digs.
Anyway, I tried to have my bridesmaids not wear the same thing, but they BOTH fell in love with the same dress. go figure. But you're ladies look LOVELY together. screw tradition!

Kara said...

I told my 2 maids to get anything navy blue and any silver shoes...and my flower girls were white, floor length, sleeveless, and pearl stuff on it. I really didn't care.

Guilty Secret said...

YES! And as it happened, they all looked great together :D