Sunday, November 23, 2008

If only I was a card person

In my random Labrador searches for things from etsy (usually for presents, I swear don't kill down time at work on there) I keep coming across these just adorable cards from blomma. Sadly I am not a card or stationary person at all.

But if you have any dog lovers in your life who does use cards these are just too perfect for the holidays:
The first one is such a lab thing to do, growing up our two were notorious package sniffers. I love the card of the puppy sleeping too, always a peaceful house when the dog was down for a nap.

And God forbid I ever need it but if someone I know does need a Get Well Card I am definitely sending the last one.


Anonymous said...

These are all wonderful cards though I especially love the last one!I'm hoping that Hubby2B and I will get a dog someday...I love dogs!

AmyJean said...

Oh i love those!

Globetrottingbride said...

Those cards are too cute! Great find.