Friday, November 7, 2008

A Universal Truth

There seems to exist within this world Universal Truths.

Those little things that you know are statistically improbably but happen regardless: a cat landing on its feet, the butter side of bread hitting the floor, all the parking spots being taken up front til you've parked and are walking up then there are three open.

Today I am gonna tell you about a truth that has come to plague our charging society. No, not credit card charging society. I refer to the "battery low" problem.

It seems almost inevitable that when my phone is about ready to die it does not start to beep when I am sitting at work within close reach of it to shut it up, or as I am at home on my computer and can easily plug it in. No, it waits until I am in bed fast asleep to start its little swan song.


What was that?


Maybe I'm just imagining it.


Fuck, it's my phone again.

This is then followed by a series of me fumbling in the dark trying to remember where I put the damn thing and either charging it or throwing it in the microwave to teach it a lesson.

Well last night we had another little battery visitor at 1:30 AM.

Boop. . . . boop.

I woke to find my husband up messing around with the smoke alarms. Turns out the damn things decided that at the same time too fucking late at night they should both refuse to find their batteries.

After digging through our junk drawer we found two new 9 volts (thank God we had them. People make sure you always have some 9 volts on hand just in case), replaced them, and went back to sleep.

Now I just want someone to explain to me why it is that out of the 24 hours in the day we only sleep 7 to 8 but that is the only time electronics choose to announce to the world their little death rattle?


Rachel said...

You know, it's not my phone, but Chris' that does that at night. But does it wake him up?? Hell no. It wakes me up though, which pisses me off even more b/c it's not my phone!!
Of course, I'm anal and make sure it's charged up when it needs to be...

And I'm also the tallest in my group of friends, except my youngest sister who's 5'11". But, whenever I'm around taller women (this doesn't happen around men), I feel weird! Can't describe it, but I'm just so used to being one of the tallest!

Linda said...

My hubby seems to think that only I can charge my phone. So he'll wake me if my phone starts beeping. Drives me crazy!

DeadmansLog said...

What I love about my phone is that it doesn't beep audibly at me.

I don't know if I turned off a setting or if the iPhone just doesn't do that; doesn't matter. I'm not messing with a good thing.

Also - when we first moved into our house there was an unmonitored security alarm. After a month of it going off between 2a and 4a almost twice a week, I made the Husband-to-Be kill it. Messy business, all told.

Guilty Secret said...

Ugh, so true. Although I've never had a phone that beeps to tell me the battery's dying. Can't you change the setting?

I'm getting married in 7 hours! (Just perusing a few blogs over breakfast...)

professional daydreamer said...

the explained the butter-side-down thing on beekman's world. if you were to have a piece of bread butter-side-down on the counter and then knock it off, it would land butter-side-up. there's only so much time for the slice to rotate between countertop and floor.