Saturday, October 31, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 333


And Happy Halloween Wedding to everyone getting married today. May it all go as swimmingly spooktacular as you'd hoped.

Last night while my husband held onto the puppy as she tried to be oh so helpful by getting in the way and chewing on sticks, I set up our front yard for, what else, HALLOWEEN.

This is our front stoop/porch/whatever you call a handful of steps. I carved the tree while my husband carved the zombie pumpkin on the left (the death pumpkin is a fake one from last year).
The luminaries are actually party bags we found last year on our honeymoon (sadly at least 75% of the stuff we bought on our honeymoon was for Halloween because we're just that dorky).
For $2 we got 20 of these cool bags. I just added some rocks and tossed in an electric tea light to help light the way for trick or treaters.
Even our wedding pumpkin from last year makes an appearance in the foliage on the steps.
Waiting patiently to claim his next victim sits death next to a rusty old lantern. Or maybe he's just hoping someone will trade with him. He's stuck with a lousy bag full of mostly rotten apples and candy corn and he'd really like to get rid of the candy corn.
The yard is mostly made up of our craft projects. My tombstone is the first to great people while one we got at Target on sale to help fill out the recently dug cemetery sits more towards the back.
My husbands demon, complete with horns and rusted sword through the ribs sits more towards the forgiving back, but we're going to put a flashing red strobe light on him to call people's attention to it.

And if you also look carefully, you'll see a little spook poking through the window. It's actually my cheesecloth ghost with a candle on a timer inside him.
I spotted this guy at Walgreens and thought "Now this is what a vampire should look like, more monster than teen heart throb." The hard part was getting him into the tree as our tree apparently doesn't like to have low hanging branches, so with the help of a step stool, a reaching stick (which we found on the ground) and a lot of praying up went Mr. Vampire.
I hope you have a ghoulishly good evening. And remember, it's Halloween so there's a good chance the man in black robes carrying a scythe is more likely to be after the punch bowl instead of your soul.
But, then again . . .



Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween to you, too! I hope that you have a wonderful favourite day of the year!

I wish our yard was a cool as yours - we have nothing. Last year we only got 1 trick-or-treater person, which is really quite sad.

Rachel said...

It all looks very spook-tacular!!! Mwah ha ha ha!!!

I love how your tombstone and your husband's demon turned out!!

You've got to take pictures of all this at night! I bet it's much cooler in the dark with all the candles and lights on it.

Have a great Halloween!

Chesney said...

I think I would have loved to have been at your house this evening! What fun!