Friday, January 2, 2009

Picture a Day-Day 31

It's amazing what you find when you really start to clean up a place.

A few years back for our dating anniversary I thought I'd try to make a mock up of Death in a Snow globe which is a visual representation of our favorite book Reaperman by Terry Pratchett (you can get an idea of what I was going for by looking at the cover).

I remember this involving a long search and pleading spree to find a small Grim Reaper (who knew that miniature games would have a little Death ready on the wings to sweep all the fallen pewter heroes off to Valhalla) and figure out how to make a snow globe.

Well folks, don't use a baby food jar and attempt to seal it shut. It just doesn't work. I thought I was being so clever, I even used a bottle cap and some fancy paints to recreate the fields and hand painted DEATH surprisingly well. After hours of yelling and screaming what I ended up with instead was a leaky, cloudy mess that fell apart in the water (I still gave it to him though, it wasn't like I had a backup plan).

Yesterday, after rescuing poor Death from his watery grave I decided he needed his own exalted mantel in a more permanent snow globe. A trip to Michaels and I gathered up all the supplies I'd need: Votive holder for the globe, glitter for the snow, and acrylic water for well I'm sure you figured it out.

It was going pretty well, I managed to melt the acrylic and got Death in all straight but then something really bad happened. I ran out of acrylic. Little Death just looked so dumb with his head almost hitting the top.

Then I got a cute idea, I'd just pour some extra water in there to buoy it up. That was an interesting mess, as the water and acrylic didn't mix it made these huge bubbles and as the acrylic hardened it looked as though the bubbles may be permanent.

So I quickly popped the thing in the microwave for 30 seconds and all of a sudden got the coolest looking snowfall I could have never faked. Here is my little Death (considering the euphemism for little death I giggle every time I call him that) snow globe:It's turning a bit cloudy so if I ever wanted to do it again I'd probably use bottled water instead of tap but otherwise it looks pretty awesome for being a major accident. The acrylic water could be another cool way to preserve some wedding mementos as well like a cake topper or any other little things that are collecting dust.

Oh yeah, yesterday I also made a beer chicken rubbed with Indian spices. Super tasty, I think it needs to become a New Years family tradition:
P.S. Holy Cow I've been at this picture a day thing for a month now. It's a bit surprising actually, I would have figured by now my life would be way to boring to want to document in image form.

What do you all think of my little blog feature? Is it a bit too much picture? Or do you demand more and more?


Linda said...

I think it's awesome. Little snapshots into your life.
Snowglobes. What an awesome idea.

Christy said...

i like the pictures. wish i was this dedicated!

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty awesome - the stuff you post is interesting and funny! :)

Cate Subrosa said...

Wow, I never heard of 'little death' before. I had to google it. Thanks for teaching me a new sex phrase! :D

I like your photos, but I will admit I like your writing better. But the photo thing gives you inspiration to write, right? So it's all good with me. (Right. Or is that write? What?!)

Kristy said...

That little Death is pretty awesome. Good call on the microwaving.

Jenna said...

I like picture a day. I get bored with post after post with no pictures.

professional daydreamer said...

i love your photos. i'm always delighted to see these little pieces of your life and read your commentary. for one thing, it reminds me i'm not alone in oddity. (i made an origami triceratops tonight. i can't get its tail to look right.)