Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Can Do It!

It's the last 24 hours and Ms. Broke-Ass Bride Meatball needs all the help and votes we can give her.

She's in the midst of a hard fought battle for a honeymoon (the only way she and her future hubby can take one), so please just go here and fill in all this fun little information.

Name: Dana LaRue & Hunter Stiebel
Date: 5/24/09
Title of the Baptism Page?: A Tree to Honor a Baptism
How much is the value of the amex gift card on the Love story giveaway?: $250
Where are trees planted for a Bar / Bat Mitzvah?: Moshav Nehalim, Israel
Complete this based on title on our memorial trees page "Complete this based on title on our memorial trees page"THE FAMILY RECEIVES AN ELEGANT......CONDOLENCE": Tree

They're a bit behind right now but I have faith in our little wedding blog-o-sphere to beat out any church group any day of the week.


Carly said...

Been voting as much as possible. Still keeping the faith!! :)

Anonymous said...

If they can't afford a honeymoon, why a) are they so obsessed with spending that much money on a vacation and/or b) why are they getting married now instead of later when they're financially solvent (i.e. fully grown up)?

Leslie said...

My husband and I couldn't afford a honeymoon either. Just because we were not "financially solvent" doesn't mean we weren't ready to get married.

Blablover5 said...

"Anonymous" I find it rather funny and sad that you had to hide behind a mask to post things that you knew would hurt someone that you don't personally know.

Why do people do this? Please just remember the golden rule. Or at least have the cajones to post your real name.