Saturday, January 17, 2009

Picture a Day-Day 45

This morning I caught a little stowaway hiding amongst our baby plants:Our place has been riddled with bugs, insects and arachnids since we first moved in. We like to tell the story of the huge cricket who welcomed us our first day here.

It was night and we had stuff littered all around the apartment. We were camped out on the floor just talking and doing our best to avoid unpacking when crawling out of the boxes and piles was this huge cricket. We're talking about two inches long.

He stopped and looked at us while we looked at him. Then almost with a quick tip of the hat and a "Sorry," he crawled back into the pile of boxes and we never saw him again.

Our little friendly cricket was soon joined by tons of spiders, some flies and a few gnats. Personally I don't really mind the spiders as I know they can just eat any of those annoying flies that somehow get in during summer. We had a grasshopper once hitch a ride inside on a shopping bag of mine. He was in no mood to go out for a long time, and we'd see him sitting by our basil some mornings.

Eventually he disappeared too, and with winter now in full force it's pretty rare to see any bugs. So it was a touch surprising to find a little lady bug (or is this the evil biting one? I can't really tell anymore) hanging out under the grow lamps.

Does anyone else have a small bug infestation that you just sort of put up with because it doesn't do much damage and you really couldn't do anything about? We have lucked out greatly in not having any ants sneak in (knock on termites) and if we did I hope all the other carnivorous bugs would attack.

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Anonymous said...

I used to have dead ladybugs show up in my old room at my parent's house. It wasn't pleasant.

Thankfully our house is fairly bug free.
I hope the ants stay away from your house!