Saturday, January 10, 2009

Picture a Day-Day 39

Last night we did something we just about never do, we had a date night. I think over our whole relationship we've been on about three "dates."

First we set off to a Thai place called the Blue Orchid:The food was meh and really overpriced for what it was. It was a much more upscale place to be seen than a great Mom & Pop find. We'll have to keep searching our city to find a curry place for my husband to satiate his love.

After our meal we were met with a very surprising snow storm as we headed down town.
We were searching for a place that we had visited another location of last year for Valentines Day (not that it was really supposed to be romantic seeing as how my best friend and her son were there with us). It's called Paint Yourself Silly and the whole idea is you pick a piece of pottery, sit down for an hour or two, and paint the thing to your hearts content whatever you want it to be.

Then they glaze and fire it and a week later you pick up a gorgeous and shiny piece of pottery you can decorate with or use.

This trip a pitcher caught my eye. I've been kinda wanting one and I thought it'd make a nice addition to our table. My creative juices decided to do a nature scene with a waterfall flowing from the spout and stars leading into a gorgeous blue sky and some green veg underneath.My hubby picked something a bit smaller. An adorable puffer fish that he worked really really hard on and waited patiently while my huge piece dried and I moved onto another layer.Here are our final pieces all painted and resting. Now we just have to wait a week or more to swing by and pick them up.
It's always a challenge as the paints darken and the colors change a bit so the final product will look somewhat different. There's also the scare of something breaking in the kiln which I pray doesn't happen.

What do you guys do on your date nights? Has anyone else ever been to a paint pottery place?


Linda said...

We do "date nights" sometimes. We usually go to the movies just the two of us. We did this really well before the wedding but have been lax since.

Leslie said...

Date night, what the h. e. double hockey sticks is that? Anyway, you know my opinion of paint yourself silly. I LOVE that place... And although its tough to keep the kids away from the unpainted pottery, once you choose a piece, they LOVE painting it.

I wanna go back so bad. I'm still working on trying to get Brian down that way.

Miss Anne said...

i LOVE to paint pottery! it's so fun to do on a date night too!

please post pics of the "after"!