Monday, January 26, 2009

Picture a Day- Day 54

I am a part of the generation that is supposed to be embracing each technological advance with open arms.

Remember that huge pile of cards at the library you had to flip through to find your book? Now you can just log onto the library's database and use a search engine. No more scraps of paper and tiny pencils as you hunt through the stacks.

Grade school we were acclimated to the joys of staring at a blinking screen and using a keyboard with that all around wonderful game "Oregon Trail." Though most of us never made it past Chimney Rock, we were all too busy out shooting rabbits and bear or getting killed so we could write naughty things on the headstones.

You were the cream of the crop if you managed to get in first and get the color monitor (I never did).

In this ever changing world I miss some of those old relics I remember haunting the place, the typewriter, the card catalog, and the phone booth (really, how does Superman change now?) So I still hang onto one that has been predicted to be a dinosaur for oh at least 100 years now: the newspaper.Every Wednesday and Sunday we get the paper delivered. While Wednesdays isn't too bad Sundays is jam packed with so many ads and coupon book things (as well as all the articles) we got into the habit early on of tossing each piece as we finished with it onto the floor just waiting til it was cleaning time and they all got to go bye bye.I can just picture a little newspaper fairy poking her head out of our pile asking for "more, please."

Does anyone else out there still get a newspaper? Or do you miss any of those old things that have become antiquated? But really, who doesn't love a little newspaper fairy?


Lindsey said...

I always wanted to get the newspaper delievered and read it over coffee! Love that you guys do!

Anonymous said...

I loved Oregon Trail!! But I was never very good at it. I was good at this game called number crunchers (I think that's what it is called) where you had to do math problems faster than this guy who came around and ate them. It was awesome!

We get the newspaper delivered every friday to sunday. Sometimes I think that we get them so that my husband can look at the grocery store fliers to find the best deal.

Chesney said...

We just dropped down to the Sunday World Herald only, and they called us and said that since we get the Sunday paper they will give us the M-F papers for free. We can't even try to get rid of it - LOL!!

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

I get the newspaper still which I love! Nothing is better than reading it on a Sunday morning on my porch with a cup of coffee.

Linda said...

We're in serious danger of losing both our daily papers here in Seattle. My dad gets the paper everyday. I steal the Sunday paper from him. We don't subscribe cause I know I would never read it.

valerie said...

I wish my husband and I got the newspaper. I miss them. It was my favorite thing to do on Sundays! We just don't have the money (but haha, we have money for the internet??).

The newspapers around here aren't really in danger of going out of business. I think with so many rural people that it just wouldn't make sense.