Sunday, January 4, 2009

Picture a Day-Day 33

There is a strange almost pantomime of life associated with every holiday. You get all excited waiting for the life to come, taking the opportunity to deck out your home just for the new joy.

Cards, greetings and joy are all exchanged as families get ready to gather on the special day. Once it comes you relax in a joyful stupor (assuming of course no one accidentally caught the curtains on fire) but come the day after you're just left with a lot of stuff hanging off the walls and sitting in rooms that suddenly feels wrong and very out of place.

Almost like someone close to you passing on and leaving all their worldly collections for you to clean up and put away (I think that makes New Years eve Christmas's wake then.)

Humans are an interesting creature sometimes when you stop and think about it.

Well yesterday we began the Christmas vigil cleaning. Time to say goodbye to our little tree and lights bright enough to land planes.

My Husband always makes that face when he's concentrating, he he he:

That's right, I have an armadillo ornament. Admit it, you're incredibly jealous:

Death had a rather hard New Years Eve and can't stand all the noise we're making:

After a while my husband decided to turn the taking down of the tree into a carnival game. He tried tossing all the branches into the small box.

As you can see, he didn't do a very good job of it.

Does anyone else have some mixed feelings about taking down all the Christmas stuff (sure you get lots of space back, but suddenly it feels so empty)? Are you quick to take everything down or do you like to sit on it for a few weeks?


Christy said...

I always wish I could leave things up longer - I don't like all of the empty space leftover.

Leslie said...

It is my tradition to leave the tree up (even if I take everything else down) until after epiphany. If I had a nativity set, I would probably do the same with that (maybe take the tree down instead).

I do know a nice lady who, because of her health, does not take down her tree at all. I say its because of her health, but really her kids and grandkids would take it down, but she wants to leave it up because it reminds her of happy times constantly.

Myself, I'm glad to have the space back, but then again, I'm probably a bit more crowded than most.

Lindsey said...

Always such a sad day when you have to take the tree down!

valerie said...

We took our tree down the day after Christmas... mostly because the cat was slowly ripping it down anyway.

I'm kinda the opposite of everybody here. I can't wait to see it go back in boxes. And most of the time I don't even want to decorate to begin with. *shrug*

I'm a big ole grinch, I guess, haha.

Cate Subrosa said...

We barely put anything up this year. In fact, we had Christmas stockings that were up from Christmas Eve till Boxing Day, some baubles in a bowl and a tiny gold Christmas tree up since the weekend before Christmas (still there now) and that's it. Must remember to put them away tonight!

sammik said...

I usually leave my Christmas stuff up as long as possible...this year my hand was forced, though. We got back from visiting family and my cats and knocked our Christmas tree over, haha! It was completely on the floor...