Saturday, January 3, 2009

Picture a Day-Day 32

I have a confession to make, not only do I do most of the cleaning in our place but I actually enjoy it.
My arsenal for the bathroom.

I'm not so insane that I'd rather be say knee deep in the tub with a brillo pad in hand than go to the movies, or vacuuming the stairs instead of hanging out with friends. But about once a week I just get so tired of the clutter I pull out my trusted bottles and cloths, turn on my iPod and set to work cleaning it all.

In fact I was rather disappointed that no one got us the dust mop I put on our registry. While it isn't super important now it is the best thing I have ever found to clean up fur from little shedding monsters we call our pets. (It just sucks the stuff up even if the floor is a little bit wet, working at a vet clinic you learn these little tricks).

It's the adrenaline rush of getting up dashing about the apartment mixed with the feeling of easy accomplishment one gets after organizing an overflowing closet. There's probably a mix of bleach and vinegar fumes thrown in too for good measure.

Does anyone else get a kick out of cleaning? Do you actually hope for say a fancy vacuum or a cool new polishing kit for a birthday/anniversary? Or am I just a sad person with no hope of human contact? (It's probably the last one)


Kara said...

I looooove cleaning our apartment.

Anonymous said...

You can come over to our house any time! :P

Linda said...

I hate cleaning so I avoid major cleaning. I love doing laundry though.

valerie said...

I don't mind cleaning, but will do things to avoid it. You're not a freak though. The husband gets excitedly happy about cleaning, sanitizing, organizing, and throwing things away.

Maybe you have OCD, haha.