Sunday, January 18, 2009

Picture a Day-Day 46

I'm sure you were all secretly hoping it was a one time thing, a phase as it were. But sadly yesterday my hubby and I visited Michaels and instead of looking at the floral section or the scrap booking aisle, or even staring wistfully at the seasonal one hoping for Halloween to appear soon I zoomed straight back to the paints section.

Where I soon realized I was way over my head and wandered down the kids aisle. Okay so it wasn't as bad as that but have you ever been to the pro section? With those rows upon rows of brushes? It's like visiting a surgery convention and watching doctors pick the best scalpel for pulling out a liver.

Oh so you use this brush exclusively for painting on clowns noses and it costs $5, eh? Do you do a lot of clowns, then?

Lucky for me my paint of choice was having a sale so I swooped in a picked up a few new colors to add to my small primary mix. I was also sniffing around and I didn't realize canvas was so cheap. I always pictured it being this $90 you amateurs better not even think of it for some reason. But I got a three pack of 6" X 8" for around $5. So if I ever somehow make a painting on cardstock that is just too perfect and I think I can recreate I may attempt using the canvas.

So what am I forgetting? Oh right the picture for today. Meet my painting tools in their natural habitat:And the picture I made with them:
Who knows, maybe this painting thing will stick (though personally I would bet against me, I have a long history of finding things for a while and then promptly abandoning them for no good reason).


Amber said...

A few years ago I told my mom I wanted to paint, so for my birthday so bought me all kinds of nice paints and brushes and canvas and stuff. But it wasn't anything as easy as I hoped it would be (I'm a genius with crayons...) so I quit!! Haha!!

Good luck!! Stick with it!! :)

Linda said...

I like that picture!

Ashley said...