Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Picture a Day-Day 41

There was something in the air. Something magicl and horrifying at the same time. Something to create an air of worry and cause grown adults to press their noses to the windows staring out in horror.

It was a little something we like to call the weather. Yesterday the wind picked up and we were getting some wonderfully fun 35-45 mph bursts, then it started to snow and a good chunk of my friends and family further north got to spend their nights camped out in the office.

I took a quick little video of the weather outside my office window, but as my camera doesn't have a mic just start going Whoooo and whooosh to give the sound of the wind.

In fact it got so scary as the windows leaked cold wind all the chairs dashed out of the offices and lined up on the other side of the wall:

Or maybe they were just there as some offices next to ours get gutted and stuff is put into inventory. Regardless it isn't everyday you see a random line of chairs in an office. I was partly expecting them all to get together and make a chair train.

Did anyone else have some wonderful weather last night? I am glad that I have never had to sleep in an office or lab before but after the wonderful wind and snow of last night and how often the university is willing to close down (the 12th of never comes to mind) I am starting to think maybe I should bring in a blanket and pillow just in case.

Has anyone ever been forced to spend a night at the office?


Lindsey said...

Oooo I'm so sick of the snow!! Bring on summer, ha!

melissa said...

Yes I have had to stay overnight in the office - but not because of weather but rather my own procrastination...

Oh, I miss NE!

Linda said...

We joke about it all the time. There are apartments above us so we joke that we should rent one in case!
I have camped at my office and hope I never have to!

rksquared said...

We got 2-3 inches of snow during the day yesterday, and then the temps droooooopppppped last night. It was -18F (actual temp) when I got up this morning (WC around -30F).

I've been at the mall overnight before, but that was always due to inventory or new product lines coming in. Oh,and I have seen some workaholic coworkers try to catch some zzzz's in the stockroom shelves.

Miss Anne said...

Yikes about the weather!

one time i was at work til 3am... because a) i had work to do and b) there were bums outside the office and so i was too scared to leave!