Thursday, January 15, 2009

Picture a Day-Day 43

Even though I have a huge stash of pots and pans (that got some step siblings when my hubby and I moved in together) there is one that is clearly my favorite.

I got him when I was in between a few places and only a handful of things to my name. These few bits and bobbles did not include any cooking paraphernalia. So I took a quick trip to K*Mart and found this beauty on sale for a whole $15.

It's non stick and is a weird hybrid between a wok and a regular sauce pan. So it's nice and deep but not unwieldy. The non stick is wonderful too as I can't always be trusted to remember adding some lubricant though it will sadly cut down dramatically on the lifespan of my beloved.

Gotta fry something up? Use my trusty pan. Got some hamburger to brown? Oh of course my blue pan. Got to boil some pasta? Eh maybe I'll use one of the Calphalon ones for that.

I'm even prone to cleaning it off and using it rather than just leaving it in the dishwasher and digging out another one. I love how deep it is too so I can do just about every meal with one or two pans. In fact I am loathe to repeat a recipe if I find it takes over three containers (be it pans, pots or bowls).

My husband just sort of puts up with my pan love affair, but if he's gonna make something he picks his own and leaves my poor bluey out in the cold. Do any of you have a favorite pan that you will use until it dies a horrible fiery death?

And since this post isn't random enough, baking those chicken thighs last night reminded me how much I hate living in a small apartment and trying to cook anything with even a touch of fat.

Dinner is always punctuated by one of us grabbing a towel and fanning at the stupid overly sensitive smoke alarm that is 10 steps from the stove while the other rushes off to open windows.

It's of course twice as bad in winter as two of our living room windows were frozen shut last night. Hooray.


AmyJean said...

We put saran wrap and a rubber band around my smoke detector. Po' lil' Kota is now trained to hear the stove and run to the back door b/c he's afraid of the beeping noise... It's quite sad. But what's worse, is we forget to take the plastic wrap off after we're done cooking ::sigh:: at least we know it works LOL


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain when it comes to the smoke detector. My parent's had one that would go off everytime someone burned even a crumb of toast (with gluten free bread, it happens quite frequently.) It was a rare morning when the smoke detector didn't go off at least once.

Kristy said...

Oh, I understand the pains of a small apartment all too well. Honestly, my apartment isn't too small for one person, but the kitchen. is. so. tiny. It drives me nuts. And I smoked up the place last week trying to make a new recipe (that definitely won't be repeated). I was lucky the alarm didn't go off because I had enough on my hands already.

Lindsey said...

We have a system - as soon as the smoke detector starts going off I grab a towel and start waving it. haha!

Miss Anne said...

omgoodness! so glad that we're not the only ones who deal with that!

rksquared said...

While we don't have the smoke detector issue in our house, I can definitely relate to the not being "trusted to remember adding some lubricant". I always forget.

Also, we have a quite a few windows that don't open winter, spring, summer, or fall...and a couple of storm windows we can't get shut. (Brrrr!)

Linda said...

I have a similar pan I got at Target. It's wonderful.
Our smoke alarm does the same thing but we can remove it. So when it starts beeping one of us rips it off the wall and tosses it into the bedroom with the door shut. Once we're done eating we put it back.

Cate Subrosa said...

I have a similar shaped pan that we use for everything too. I'm forever having to wash it up.

Any yeah, you could say I love it. But Nate does too... we're geeky like that.