Friday, January 30, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 58

Yesterday I had to leave my nice and cozy building and head to the scariest part of the University's city campus: The Bursar's office (too bad it wasn't Discworld's Bursar, that would have been awesome!)

This involves three stages:

  1. To find a parking space in among the 500,000 or so students and 100 parking spots (it's amazing the pile you can get of cars).

  2. To not get run over by all the other students and buses (or students on bikes or students that are running late).

  3. To discover the golden falcon before anyone else finds it, steal it back and get out before the giant boulder smashes us to tiny bits.

See I wasn't kidding about the scary boulder:

It was almost a majestic day, with the gorgeous blue sky and slight wind. Too bad the state flag didn't want to cooperate. It shall be thoroughly punished.
All right, the administration building at last. Now to get in and get out with no one looking. Okay so the get in and get out failed miserably as it's nearing the end of the month and every weird student who only works in cash (we may or may not have some mafia influences in Nebraska -- the corn gang) decided to drop by and pay off their bill.

To make it even worse for some reason the Bursar's office decided to keep their cash box two rooms over so every time the rather elderly secretary had to shuffle off to the room to get a penny for change.

But since that's no fun way to end a story. May I present our capitol building which was easily photographed on the walk back to the car. You may know it better as its nom de plume "Penis of the Prairie."

We're kinda naughty in Nebraska.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Places where one pays fees is scary. Thankfully I can pay them through a money transfer, but I hate the times that I have to sit there waiting to get something signed or approved. I'm glad that you survived!

melissa said...

Ahh, I remember the lines at the Burser's office well. Stay on east campus - much more zen.

Miss Anne said...

"Penis on the Prairie"


Chesney said...

You are too funny! I graduated from UN-L (waaaaay too long ago) - and I have to say, I still remember the awful parking! I can see the capital building still has the same name it did when I was going there! :)