Saturday, January 31, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 59

Last night we got a little visitor to our campus.

In one night she managed to sneak into every office, lab, classroom and hallway to leave behind a little something.

It took a trained eye to catch it (it only took me about three hours). See if you can spot the difference.

First up is my office:
Now the bathroom:And even the double wide hallway.Did you figure it out? That's right! We got visited by the Energy Sticker Fairy!

You only hear about it happening to other people who have strange government policies that won't really help in anyway and are good at wasting money printing up stickers.

In fact I think we even caught a picture of her just as she was leaving this morning:
Has anyone else been visited by the sticker fairy?


Chesney said...

Hey, maybe that fairy will visit my twin 15 year old boys! Very cute!

melissa said...

We have had those types of stickers in our department for a couple of years. But recently we did get an email from the University president about saving energy and hence saving money. No more "unauthorized use of personal" microwaves, fridges, and even laptops. If the university doesn't own it - they won't power it.

Linda said...

As a nonprofit we are too poor for stickers. We have the MS Word poster fairy :)

Anonymous said...

That definitely won't come to my work - we have automatic lights in all offices and bathrooms. I think the lights in the hallways stay on during hours that the building is open.

I'm usually fairly good at turning off lights at home.

Katy said...

We have a bunch of those on campus at Clemson reminding us to turn off water and lights.... EVERYWHERE.