Friday, January 2, 2009

I Love Survey E-mails

Cate at Project Subrosa with her amazing thoughts and reminiscing has reminded me of the joy I had at filling out those old survey e-mails.

You know the ones. You always dreaded getting them as you could re-learn your best friends favorite ice cream, height, or eye color (in case you had to suddenly assume their identity and take out the government of course).

So I've been digging through my old e-mails seeing what ones I may still have kicking around. This may all surprise you to learn but I did not just become a smart ass overnight. Oh no, I've been perfecting it for years. Here are just a few of my answers from January 5, 2005:

Name: That is classified. I have no idea why, but let me tell ya it made kindergarten hard. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to spell classified?

Eyes: The ones on my face or the one in the back of my hea . . . ha ha ha uh yeah forget you just read that.

Height: Half the size of a Yeti with basketball shoes on. Slightly taller if he has cleats on.

Birthday: The day I emerged from the mother pod was the eve of the ides of July.

Sign: Beware falling cheese. Yeah I got there kind of late and they were running low.

Animals: Yes animals do in fact exist. Otherwise we would all have to be vegetarians and that would be a very sad world indeed.

Broken the law? Nah I only sprained it and had to wear a brace for a few weeks.

Gone skinny-dipping?: It's a lot of fun when you're in Antarctica in the dead of winter!

Do you hate any one?: Depends. Who am I allowed to hate?

Who's the quietest person you know? My editor because he lives on my escape key and is too small for his voice to be perceived by human ears. It’s a nice working agreement, he can talk all he wants and I just ignore him anyway.

One least likely to respond: Why is one least likely to respond? Is it so much better than the other numbers. Huh.
If you want to read all of it, here's a link to the rest (let me warn you, it gets weirder). Did anyone else have a ton of fun filling these things out when we were all so much more naive about where this world wide web would take us?

Wouldn't it be fun to start one around the blog o land again for history sake? We must preserve the e-mail survey for all of posterity! Don't tell me I'm the only other person who enjoyed these things.


Katy said...

I used to do those all the time... out of boredom of course. Haha.

Cate Subrosa said...

Oh, dear Lord, what have I started?!

I love your smartarsiness!