Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 55

They often say that the best way to know a woman is to look inside her purse.

Well I don't have a purse (okay I may have one buried deep in the back of my closet) but there is one container that I think explains more about me: the bookcase.

So for this picture a day I thought I'd show off all the shelves of our bookcase and the books (and other knick knacks contained with in). Clicking on each image will bring up a larger version for deep perusing.

I love to read just about anything. I have no qualms with picking up a Sci-fi book to a Children's novel to a classic of literature as long as it's something I'm interested in and written well.
As you can see we have one who shelf devoted to just Terry Pratchett and Discworld and another one that is full of MST3K tapes from back in the day when people used to use VHS to copy things off the TV (ah the dark ages).

These are the current books that I just finished and haven't quite made it onto the bookcase of horrors:
I'm in a bit of a history mood right now, moving from two non fiction books about the mistresses of Kings and lovers of Queens (a fascinating look at a time when arranged marriage was the norm as mistresses were lovers and best friends and often had more power and jewels than the Queen) to a fiction novel putting Oscar Wilde in the detective seat.

What books compromise your shelves? Do you have one specific genre you prefer or are you all over the place like I am?


Linda said...

when i saw the first two shelves, I'm like how do you keep them so neat. I knew we could continue being friends when I saw the bottom half!
Our bookshelves are jammed with books. I can't wait to put up our new bookshelves. Then I'll show you.
Oh I'm jealous of your MST3K set. I want it (but on DVD)!

Chesney said...

Amazing what you learn from a book shelf - wonderful picture which shows who you are!

Anonymous said...

I bought that Gallop book for my nephew. It's so cool.

AmyJean said...

it's the dust that compromises our shelves... lol! I think our book shelf is odd from trashy british humor type books, to like historical ones... it's random :)